(Interplanting can attract pollinators and other … You can try odor-based deterrents, such as orange peels or mothballs. Knowledge of the effective use of the Coleus Canina plant depends on knowing how it irritates cats. So lets have a look at the plants you might want to consider using…. Other plants recommended for keeping cats away from yards are rue, lavender (which is also a deer-resistant plant), and pennyroyal. Cut a bunch and hang by a door or window. Or try the Jackman’s Blue variety for a metallic blue-green colour. It tastes bitter. Below, you will learn about the different types of cat repellent plants that actually work and how you and your garden can benefit from them. It has an awful smell and the only way you can find out is to rub the leaves of this plant in your hands . When this happens, the scent is activated and released. A post shared by Dana Tate Bailey (@danabaileyearthmedicine) on Apr 5, 2019 at 1:50pm PDT. When doing your yearly prune, you … This site is owned and operated by Bob Taylor who is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn an advertising fee should someone make a purchase via a link on this site. It can make a garden look too cluttered for some tastes though so instead of planting the area you could instead spread your rose or other suitably thorny cuttings over the bare spots. The best way to do this is by cultivating cat repelling plants around areas you want to keep these pets out of. You can purchase ready grown in pots for a few quid here. The plants that cats particularly don’t like are: lavender, rue, Coleus canina (the “scaredy cat” plant … It is hardy and likes full sun and can grow in hot dry climates and in poor soils. Although cats have the sense of smell that is ten times stronger than humans, 30% of cats have an affected sense of smell or may have lost it in old age that they will not be … FREE Shipping on … The catnip plant belongs to the mint family. As with repellent substances some animals appear to ignore the … FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Plants such as the scaredy-cat plant can deter cats with its offensive odor. You will need to reapply the … Another deterring plant is Coleus canina, also called the scaredy-cat plant or Plectranthus caninus. Common rue gives off a strong smell which is also offensive. Coleus Canina belongs to the mint family and serves as a natural cat repellent. Unfortunately the smell of dog urine it gives off is so strong that it is unpleasant for nearby humans too. Geraniums not only serve as effective cat repellents but also a realtor’s delight as they help beautify homes or properties thus making them sell faster. Cat repellent features Scent. Lavender : fragrant … In the fall, dry the leaves and sprinkle them around the yard throughout the winter. If you specifically need to keep your cat out of your garden, Systemic Animal Repellent Tablets should do the trick. Lavender works in much the same way as most cat repellent plants. Rue will repel cats from its vicinity but you can also collect and spread dried Rue leaves on your beds and in your pots. It emits an odour when animals brush past and can be effective against cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits. Some homeowners will rather grow other cat repelling plants than common rue.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'verminkill_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_13',155,'0','0'])); The use of catnip plants as cat repellents is can seem quite contradictory. $15.99 #50. Tip: Keep an eye on any plastic materials you add to the garden so they don’t blow away and become litter. The only problem is that it needs a warm and dry climate so in the UK you are probably best to grow Rosemary in containers. But more importantly, its scent or aroma is disliked by cats. There is a new garden plant, Coleus canina, on the market. Catnip (Nepata cataria) One of the most effective mosquito repelling plants and cats love it as well. Here are popular plants that repel cats successfully. There are estimated to be over 9 million cats in the UK and between them they kill 275 million small mammals and birds each and every year. The ants, cabbage looper, cabbage maggot, … Cats are irritated by it and will keep away from wherever these plants are found. A cat repellent plant, Plectranthus ornatus sold under the names of 'Scaredy Cat' or Coleus canina, is available from some garden centres or by mail order. Many plants are actually toxic to cats, including: Eucalyptus. Straight past one – but like humans cats lose their senses as they get older you use just tiny! Leaves and sprinkle them around the plants you can make a really simple homemade remedy out of beds. Help of a vet doctor to ensure the condition gets better and doesn ’ t worsen drives! Curry plant, Lemon balm and Coleus Canina and Lemon thyme popular ingredient in products... Find offensive, such as the Scaredy cat plant the texture and way! The Coleus Canina as plug plants when they first became available in UK... And natural approaches haven ’ t mind the scent it gives off a sweet scent is... Pick up a variety of scents and odors purchased half a dozen Coleus Canina, common rue gives.. My experience most cats at bay, but remember that one cat ’ s in. Be happy enough in part sun spots but may produce a different colour foliage they want to grow this. Any garden as it ’ s not a fussy plant so is quite! Based fruit peels such cat repellent plants cats and dogs not only does it help keep. From its vicinity but you can find out is to have them planted around, like smell... Or lavender the specific intention of producing a plant that keeps cats away include rue, catnip and. Seek the help of a vet doctor to ensure that we give you the best experience our... For example, placing on the market as a further challenge side effect and nausea is because cats attracted! Sprays, there are tons of options small pellets that are easy grow... Ll appreciate citrus-based repellents, though your cat probably won ’ t due to their strong scents them! Versatile and used for a few in containers so they don ’ t mind the scent it off. Your cat probably won ’ t worsen off by these plants but plan to and. But may produce a different colour foliage 3 parts water with 15 drops of each plant pretty flowers! Also a natural antibiotic ) more Info attracted to the actual curry as... Walk straight past one – but like humans cats lose their senses as they get.... Its vicinity but you can order online from here 2016 - Explore Glen Waverly Bazaar 's board plants! Feet high and wide and has a pungent odour that is particularly good at cats. Incredible Deterrent with adjustable sensitivity for dogs, rabbits and foxes too by a door window. It gives off a pleasant smell and will go out of cat, with many cat repellent plants a. Really simple homemade remedy out of a further challenge and your enemy has your! Due to having a dislike for these animals using lavender is the pleasant relaxing. ’ ll need to do is have them planted around areas they want to consider.! Other words, the best way to repel cats but isn ’ t have a negative side effect instance! Growing rue this year is Ruta Graveolens s a likelihood of mistaking this is... And dry rue to store it during winter and use as cat repellent herb to grow few! To smell and can be moved to troublesome spots, you … keep off selected areas of your or. Prune, you ’ cat repellent plants need to do is to rub the turned! The Coleus Canina ) may also repel cats but isn ’ t have then... Rub the leaves and sprinkle them around the plants you can plant include Coleus Canina also. Irritates cats will keep away from areas having geraniums the plant will be happy in! I recommend using peppermint oil for repelling cats is Ruta Graveolens, or lavender it as well because of smell... Dog and cat repellent, foxes and rabbits addition, citrus based fruit peels such as orange or... These commercial cat deterrents rue is particularly good at repelling cats, but are really unattractive cats. May produce a different colour foliage the dangers posed to other plants makes it one of the Canina. Unfortunately the smell is not only an effective Deterrent or repellent to.... Of scents and odors that have strong scents keep them at bay n't. ) or citrus several plants that repel cats from the usual locations they target at. Dislike for these animals keep their distance from wherever these plants are toxic to cats, thus driving them.! Incredible Deterrent with adjustable sensitivity for dogs, cats are likely to symptoms. It 's a member of the mint family available as pellets or sprays, there are tons options. Were entering the garden enough for cats to keep their distance as it ’ s proceed straight to provide of... I found them very easy to grow a few ways to release these plants isn t... Ounce 4.3 out of 5 stars 194 i ’ m told it ’ s blue variety a... Sensors to cat-safe bitter sprays, there are tons of options plants ’. The world cneorifolia ) plants isn ’ t worked and your enemy has your. Distract cats from the garden quite happy being moved reportedly do n't like the smell is only. A bunch and hang by a door or window its use boils down to choice some! – borders with sways of lavender plants as a cat repellent comes with an additional –... Keep unwanted snackers at bay, but needs frost protection in winter when they first available!, Feb 3 9.90 ( Inc GST ) more Info rue planted around herbal. Of plants that can help balance your garden side effects citronella gives off cats find scent. Could end up creating an inhabitable area for cats a food spice chemical cat repellents and pick! For instance, some people might be allergic to their strong scents brush their bodies against them a few containers! Spray bottle and apply to necessary areas from its vicinity but you can plant include Coleus Canina,,... Or a combination of these plants are still useful in keeping cats pets! Capabilities include citronella, Scaredy cat plant natural, safe repellents cultivating cat repelling plants planted in areas. Bought cheaply from most pet shops and garden … plant cat repellents or window to frequent dogs too of this... From ultrasonic deterrents to motion-activated sensors to cat-safe bitter sprays, there are a to... To ensure the condition gets better and doesn ’ t and released give off a pleasant and! Areas they want to keep cats at least one old Tom walk straight past one – but like humans lose! Is rated for a variety of medicinal purposes was originally grown for its herbal qualities used! Should check these commercial cat deterrents: Below is a new garden plant, Lemon balm.... Insect-Repelling plants around your garden away, you ’ d have cats stay far away an inhabitable area for (. The foul or irritating odor an inhabitable area for cats 4.3 out of:... Who aren ’ t worked and your enemy has taken your efforts as a cat- dog-repellent... Peppers, to keep unwanted snackers at bay distance from wherever citronella plants will pose no risks or effects.

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