Ryan and Gabriela have compiled years of research and personal experiences that yielded the results they were looking for. Here’s a breakdown of the treatment plan that worked for Ryan:

Please take into consideration that this is simply a detailed account of an approach to treatment that worked for Ryan, and Gabriela, as a caregiver but also as a person who seeks optimal health. We are not doctors, but like many cancer patients will find, at some point you become your own advocate and discover things that work for you that your doctors cannot legally recommend due to their ties to our medical system.

First, we encourage hope. Ryan was left with no options, essentially sentenced to live and die with cancer. After many bad days, he found the strength to stay positive and begin the quest for his own cure.  Ryan has had amazing results with a more natural/alternative/health conscious approach, a strong will to get better and an immense amount of love and support from his community. A Positive Mental Attitude is key.  Certain methods work better for people, depending on their beliefs and bodies. These traumas and experiences are all very personal and unique–so are the recoveries and remissions. Each person has to try out the different options and see what works best for them. It is a combination of research, support, effort, bravery, and above all hope which is the seed that grows the most strength.

I won’t get into my disappointment in some of the aspects of modern medicine and Big Pharma, but after many years of trial and error, it has only made sense to try the options that harm the least, with little to no negative side effects. These include acupuncture, a strict diet of specific foods, teas and supplements, CBD (marijuana) oil, meditation and yoga. And for the first time in at least 10 years (his original diagnosis was Stage 4 Germ Cell cancer at age 21…he is 31 now…who knows when the cancer actually started), he is in full remission and feeling healthier than ever without surgery, chemo, or radiation, all of which he has had in the past, none of which have helped 100%.

ACUPUNCTURE:   Acupuncture has been used in the same way for thousands of years to treat many illnesses and ailments. It does not require the use of any medicine. Ryan sees a naturopath who gives him acupuncture weekly. Many naturopaths perform acupuncture, and some specialize in working with cancer patients. Dr. Kevan Huynh at Bay Area Naturopathic Medicine sees him weekly, and has hand blended custom teas and herbal supplements to help Ryan with inflamation, etc. He customizes his treatments every week depending on what is going with his body and life. Many insurance companies will cover acupuncture treatments, and often acupuncturists will treat on a low cost/sliding scale if the patient is paying out of pocket. Ask your health provider!

DIET:   Mostly whole-plant-based, no dairy, only organic, non-GMO ingredients. Probiotics and a healthy digestive system are a huge part in detoxifying the body and training it to get rid of all the bad stuff on its own.

Very limited meat, only grass fed/organic meat if any.

Mostly gluten-free, low sugar, fish oil, 5000 IU of liquid Vitamin D/daylots of ginger, turmeric, lemon, berries, greens, vegetables, high quality green tea (Sencha), apple cider vinegar.  Organic everything. Much research has proven these to be very good in fighting and preventing cancer.

Every morning, Ryan juices Kale, Chard, Turmeric, Ginger, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Carrot. No sugar. Cancer thrives on sugar, so when he was fighting cancer he limited himself to small quantities of natural sugar only, mostly from fruit.

High pH, Alkaline water – Ryan drinks Qure and Tru.

The only exception to dairy that Ryan made during his treatment was for a yogurt probiotic is used to treat cancer in Sweden. It’s called Bravo Yogurt Kit. You have to make it at home.

We also consulted with Berkeley clinical herbalist Aldyn Richmond for custom tea blends and a nutrition plan.

CBD Oil:   Milagro Oil is the name of the CBD Ryan took. There are several.  He got a medical marijuana card and gets it from a reputable clinic called WAMM that exclusively works with patients who need this specific blend of CBD oil.  There may be a waitlist, but it’s worth contacting them if you are interested, and they are not the only clinic that produces and offers this particular oil. The CBD forms walls around tumors, cutting the oxygen and nutrient supply off to the tumor so it cannot continue to grow or spread. The tumor essentially eats itself away while the rest of the body gets to recuperate. It is amazing! So much research has proven that CBDs can help all types of cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and more. You can easily find a lot of information about CBDs and cancer, Rick Simpson Oil, Milagro Oil, etc. Please see our resources page for more information, or contact us!

Ryan ingested the oils. They come in an oral syringe and are to be taken several drops at a time, increasing the dose weekly to acclimate your body to the THC.  Ryan would like to stress that for him, the oils worked in conjunction with everything else. The CBD and THC will begin fighting the cancer but it requires the army in the rest of your body to work be working as a team, optimally and efficiently. This means you need to otherwise be in great shape, and with cancer attacking your immune system, the diet, acupuncture and/or whatever else you can do to help your mind and body are crucial.

MEDITATION & YOGA: (more info coming soon…)

The Breath Project

Yoga for cancer

On a final note, we have encountered many amazing doctors and nurses over the past 10 years and this is not to discredit their knowledge and genuine efforts to help. We are endlessly grateful to them. This is coming from a standpoint of reaching the very scary “end of the road” in treatment options within our medical system. Unfortunately since cancer is so complex and often accompanied with many other issues, not to mention limitations due to a flawed system gripped by the pharmaceutical industry, it is not unusual for patients to end up feeling cornered and helpless.

Our bodies, minds and spirits are built to cure ourselves when we keep them in good shape. This is how we heal wounds, cure ourselves of colds, recover from traumas both physical and emotional. When our minds and bodies are whole, we are equipped to battle anything from a paper cut to cancer, without the aid of chemicals that may harm us in other ways in the long run.

It is a sad yet beautiful thing that it takes so much human spirit to cure ourselves if we decide to deviate from what our current medical system offers. But Ryan is living proof to himself, if anyone, that a strong mind and spirit, optimal health and the natural resources found on this planet provide us with a way out.